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cherrypy::_cpwsgiserver3::HTTPRequest Class Reference

Inherited by cherrypy::_cpwsgi::CPHTTPRequest3.

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Detailed Description

An HTTP Request (and response).

A single HTTP connection may consist of multiple request/response pairs.

connection: the HTTP Connection object which spawned this request.
rfile: the 'read' fileobject from the connection's socket
ready: when True, the request has been parsed and is ready to begin
    generating the response. When False, signals the calling Connection
    that the response should not be generated and the connection should
close_connection: signals the calling Connection that the request
    should close. This does not imply an error! The client and/or
    server may each request that the connection be closed.
chunked_write: if True, output will be encoded with the "chunked"
    transfer-coding. This value is set automatically inside

Definition at line 84 of file _cpwsgiserver3.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def decode_chunked
def parse_request
def read_headers

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